Why Choose Us:

Expert Craftsmanship: With our wealth of experience (trained by Leather Master), we’re your go-to experts for furniture re-colouring, repairs, and restoration. Our friendly, professional service provides precision application and care, ensuring your furniture receives the royal treatment it deserves. As we like to say: service as it used to be.

Mobile Convenience: Our mobile service caters to your comfort by bringing the makeover experience to you. If you don’t see your area covered, please get in touch and let us know your project requirements. In some cases, we can travel slightly further afield.

No Fuss, No Mess: We’re dedicated to ensuring your comfort and a seamless process. We set up a covered workspace when we arrive, safeguarding your surroundings throughout and use an extractor fan to remove any particles out into the open. It actually looks a little like a CSI crime scene with a twist (feel free to capture the moment for your social media posts!) Our priority is delivering quick results without compromising quality. When you choose us, you’re choosing meticulous attention, a top-notch service and a refreshed living environment.

Uncompromising Quality: Using the latest dyes and inks on the market, you’ll be delighted with enduring results that stand the test of time, ensuring you enjoy the fresh look for years to come. Our inks ensure a 90-100% colour match. Will you choose to re-colour your sofa as the same colour, or be bold and go for an entirely new colour?

Custom Transformation and Special Projects: If you have got an aged or much loved piece of furniture longing for a new lease on life, let us work our magic. From making wood appear lighter or darker with a flicker of imagination, to infusing metal frames with bespoke hues that express your personality. We are here to redefine aesthetics! Imagine stenciled designs and colours gracefully adorning your leather sofa, breathing fresh character into it with each stroke we apply. If you’re the proud owner of a dear old Chesterfield, our bespoke colour design service lets you choose your own colour tints & highlights that really speak to you. At Colour Repair, we’re not just changing appearances – we’re weaving stories into every makeover.

Your Vision, Our Mission: We understand the personal connection you have with your furniture. Each job is unique and requires individual discussion. Our collaborative approach means your vision takes centre stage, resulting in a bespoke transformation that reflects your requirements, style & personality.

Affordable Elegance: Why invest in new furniture when you can have it re-sprayed/coloured, repaired and looking like new again? Get it back to looking like the day you bought it. We believe in making elegance accessible to everyone and believe that upcycling and repurposing are important values in these times. Our competitive pricing ensures a top-tier service without breaking the bank.